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SupTech on Blockchain in Tallinn, 12-13 November 2020

Kaunas University of Technology as a partner of H2020 FinTech project invites Estonian Fintech community, market regulators, banks, companies and academia to join workshop, which is mainly focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems.

The event is designed to discuss blockchain challenges that arises in Estonian FinTech industry and present scientific solutions that could be standards in future SupTech.

Preliminary program:

Thematic sessions (9:00-19:00, 12 November, 2020):
• Opening and introduction to Blockchain technology
• Evolution of Bitcoin: Improvement Proposals
• Safety of blockchain technology. Myth or reality?
• Use Case I: Libra or Librae? Basket-based Stablecoins
• Crypto applications (Ethereum, Defi)
• Applications of blockchain
• Discussion on EU digital strategy

Thematic sessions (9:00-19:00, 13 November, 2020):
• Cryptocurrencies: yesterday, today, tomorrow
• Traceability and trackability of bitcoins
• Initial coin offering fraud detection models
• Use Case II: ICOs success drivers: a textual and statistical analysis
• Cyber risk management
• Use Case III: Phenotypic convergence of Cryptocurrencies
• Discussion and feedbacks


Registration to event is closed. Registration deadline 10 November 23:59.

Feedbacks, slides and certificates

Presentation slides and certificates of attendance will be available after you fill feedback form. Feedbacks and presentation slides

The event is part of  H2020 project “A FINancial supervision and TECHnology compliance training programme“.